Zero Waste guide – make do without these purchases

If you are on your way of adopting the Zero Waste approach into your daily life, you are certainly aware of the fact this philosophy is not only ecologically-friendly, but it is also meant to be budget-friendly. One of the greatest aspects of its concepts is resigning from purchases that are really unnecessary. Certainly, from the point of view of protecting our world, this is a perfect way to reduce unnecessary amount of trash as well as general usage of resources and pollution coming with production of these goods. At the same time, it can really help you to manage your budget more effectively.

Today we are going to look through the purchases that actually no one really needs, however, not everyone is ready to resign from.

Items for weddings

Wedding is supposed to be a unique one-time event of one’s life so the prices for all of its attributes are unnaturally gigantic. Yet, people willing to organise a traditional wedding have a very serious attitude to all of these goods and are ready to pay a lot of money even if they cannot afford these things.

From the point of view of the Zero Waste movement, most of these attributes are of no practical use and in all likelihood, you will not even be able to pass your things to the future generations as they might not find your modern wedding clothes vintage enough.

That is of course regarding wedding costumes, whereas there is a whole bunch of other things people are supposed to fetch for a wedding which will hardly ever be used again.

If it is really very important for you to have a traditional wedding party with all of the typical attributes, you should make your Zero Waste research on the topic and find the ways for making it more environmentally-friendly. You will find  a lot of ideas starting from clothes to wedding decorations and you will certainly love the way you will be able to save your money.

Bottled water

You certainly cannot make do without water, but you can easily live without bottled water. It does not actually matter whether you purchase water in plastic bottles, glass bottles or you are ordering it in greater containers. In any way, there is too much of things involved on the way that can be easily avoided if you change you strategy for instance by installing a water filter at home. In such a way, you will be able to significantly reduce the production of trash as well as the usage of resources coming with transportation of such water.

Even though you might initially find the installation of a filter for tape water somewhat expensive, it is absolutely worth it in the long run,