Your Zero Waste guide – the most overrated food

If you are looking for the ways to minimize your negative impact on our natural environment, certainly, rethinking your eating choices is the very first thing you should do. This article will give you some ideas about the nutritional products offered on the market in  the packages that are not ecologically-friendly for a rather high price.

Popcorn in the cinema

You will hardly meet a person at the beginning of his or her Zero Waste journey who is not aware of one of the golden rules of this philosophy telling us not to buy coffee in the disposable cups. This is perfectly sensible, however, almost all of the goods are packed into disposable packages, so if you really want to limit the amount of trash, you definitely cannot stop on the refusal from such coffee.

There is no need to write a long list of goods packaged into the disposable packages which are, just like a cup of coffee, can be usable only once. Yet, since we are looking at the Zero Waste movement not only from the point of view of the natural environment today and are also focusing on its financial aspect, you might be certainly willing to know the product with the highest markup.

Well, the leading product with the highest markup on the market is popcorn sold in the cinema. Of course, there are also many other places where you can get already prepared popcorn, however, cinemas tend to sell the most expensive product.

Often, the smallest package of popcorn offered by cinemas costs at least five times more than a 100-g package of flavoured popcorn ready for home preparation. Furthermore, without any flavour, you can by the same popcorn even five times cheaper. At the same time, you can easily imagine the smallest package of popcorn in the cinema hardly has 100 g. The markup for popcorn is just immense!

In practice, you can take your own popcorn with you to the majority of cinemas or anything else for eating that can be packaged in your own environmentally-friendly package.

Salt from rare sources and flavoured salt

Recently, there has been an increase in production of various types of salt that no one was aware of before. Today, besides ordinary salt, you can come across various types of exclusive salt coming from distant areas of the world where this salt is supposedly a way healthier than the one manufactured nearby. one of the most common example of such salt is Himalayan salt that is advertised as uniquely healthy.

Certainly, such salt includes various minerals that are not available in other types of salt, however, the amount of salt a person is supposed to it is thus small that you can hardly cover any needs by consuming such salt.

There are also types of salt that you certainly should omit if you want to reduce the amount of trash you are producing. These are various salts with flavours and added spices that are usually quite ordinary. Certainly, you can easily add the garlic taste to your dish simply by adding garlic to it instead of buying garlic salt specifically for this purpose. The same goes of all other types of flavoured slats whether they are with pepper, mustard or oregano. You can easily imagine how much extra packages you will have to buy in order to keep such products at home, let alone the amount of money you will spend on it.