Healthy Zero Waste choices – no healthy drinks

Various healthy drinks, shots, plant-based milk and other products of such a type are extremely popular nowadays and you can find more and more of them in the shops. If you are experiencing an internal struggle while being attracted to these products and at the same time feeling guilty for supporting their not environmentally-friendly production and packaging, this article will make it easier for you to resign form such goods easily.

What are healthy drinks?

Healthy drinks are extremely fashionable today and they are certainly rather expensive. You will hardly find such drinks bottled in a decent amount even for meeting the basic need of thirst. That is actually their major problem. Purchasing a healthy shot that has only 50 millilitres of mixed fruit and vegetable juices with the addition of vitamins does not make any sense.

The issues concerning healthy drinks

Actually, just like with the majority of healthy food, the issues is that all of the vitamins and minerals declared on the package are added externally to the product. That is so since it is impossible to get repetitive results for the production of such goods so that the manufacturer will be able to safely state that his product has a certain amount of healthy nutrients in it.

Furthermore, just like with any fruits and vegetables, the secret is in having them in sufficient quantities on a regular basis. Otherwise, you will have to supplement your body with artificial vitamins. That s exactly what is happening with such products offered on the market. Their manufacturers simply cannot producer such goods which ill have enough of these substances so that will be able to show their goods as healthy top their customers.

Of course, do not forget about various plant-based milk which is itself a way less-ecologically friendly than widely hated milk products  and are also packaged in tetra-pack packages that cannot be properly recycled.

Is it a good idea to buy fresh juices?

When it comes to other fresh juices, their nutritional value is a way smaller than the value of real fruits. First of all, no matter how great is the packaging technology of their manufacturers, they will never be able to save all of the nutrients in such products and deliver them to their customers. Secondly, juices are extremely rich in sugars and according to many modern nutritionists absolutely should be banned from a healthy diet.

Moreover, a great deal of vitamins another crucial nutrients cannot be absorbed by our bodies without fats. As you can imagine, purchasing a smoothie or a fruit pure as a healthy snack simply does not make any sense.

Finally, a way better approach would be to include whole fruits and vegetables into your diet. Thus, you will be able to use the whole potential of these amazing products, including their fibre and all other crucial nutrients.