The environmental changes in the last few years

Our planet’s environment has changed a lot in the past few years, and that’s not even good news. The Earth has become more crowded, and it has gotten hotter for the past 2 decades. If we look at the pre-industrial era, we will notice a drastic change in the environment. The environmental changes of our planet is very different from the last decade.

By analyzing the collected data on Greenhouse gases, it can be seen that the temperature, sea level, and concentrations have been raised.

Some of the noticeable trends in environmental change from the past few years are as follows:

Environmental Changes: C02 emission grew 10%

The recent Global Carbon Project shows that carbon dioxide emission from cement and petroleum derivatives have reduced due to the global pandemic. But if we notice, we would see that it has been increased almost 10% since the year 2000. In 2014 – 2016, the graph was plateaued, but it only goes on for 2 years. It is said that if the world would take care of carbon dioxide emission from fossil fuels, then there are chances that the temperature of the world would be decreased by 1.5 to 2 degrees C.

Global temperature increased

The Global Average Temperature before this decade was 0.88˚C, and now it has been increased to 1.16 ˚C. This is the second-highest record in 141 years. On considering the drastic change of climbing temperatures, nations throughout the planet collectively concurred to restrict warming to well under 2 degrees C. If not then at least 1.5 degrees C.

Sea-level rose about 1.6 inches

In the 90s, the average global sea-level rise was 3.3 millimeters per year. This trend of increase in sea level has been drastically changed, and it has increased to 4 millimeters per year. Between the last decades, the sea level has grown up to 2 inches overall. The satellite records say that the sea level was the highest in 2018. The increase in sea level gives rise to flooding, and storms which is the greatest risk to homes, humans, and animal lives.

Environmental Changes: The weather became more severe.

In the last few years, it has been proved that the weather of the world has been drastically changed. Which has increased extreme events on the land and oceans. Massive flooding and rainfall have been recorded in the past few years. It is sure that if we will not take care of the environmental changes of the world, then the climate will become more deadly and crushing. Researchers have found that the chances of droughts have been increased in the Mediterranean region, which will most likely be caused by human-caused emissions. Also, it has been noticed that human-induced global warming has sadly increased the intensity, frequency, and average precipitation of the world’s environment. It is predicted that if the temperature rises, the world will face extreme situations very soon.


On considering the above drastically changing trends in the environment. The concerned authorities must change the policy in time before it is too late. Let’s hope that in the next decade. We will be discussing how we overcome the disastrous environmental changes of the world.