Impacts of Global Warming – What can be done?


The society in which we live revolves around how our environment is changing. Our day-to-day tasks and operations vary depending upon the climatic changes. Climatic changes can affect our dealings in a lot of ways. It can injure our health system, economy, cultural practices, food supplies, infrastructure, transportation, etc. Are these the impacts of global warming?

What is global warming? Global warming is a chemical process in which greenhouse gases, including Carbon dioxide and Methane gas, start increasing the temperature. It captures the heat of the sun and keeps it mostly hot. When we talk about global warming effects, it does not just include the comparing of last year’s high temperature to today’s temperature. Rather it includes the change of your climate. It is a long-term process, so think ahead of decades, not just one or two seasons.

Impacts of Global Warming

Heat Waves

Heatwaves are becoming common, and every part of the world is now experiencing them. It has been increased over the past 50 to 100 years. The estimations are if we do not think about it, the chances are that it will be hotter in upcoming decades. It is not just a matter of laziness or lacking functionality, it can cause some serious damage, but we are not ready to think about it.

Shrinking Glaciers

If you ever hear about the most tropical regions of the world, they have not frozen anymore. Montana Glacier National Park once had 150 glaciers one century before, but now it is just 35 that are remaining. Tundra’s thick permafrost layer is melting now, and there has begun a plant life now.

Sea Level

If you think deeply, it is a complete chain, and one thing is affecting another, and therefore the whole system is failing. When the temperature rises, glaciers start to melt, and it increases the amount and hence the level of water. Now, the Colorado River water has increased its level by sixfold. This increase in the level of water results in floods accidents. How often are you hearing about countries and cities drowning due to floods? Do you get it now? Why is it happening in the first place?

Spread of Diseases

How many diseases have been introduced over the last couple of decades? The mainstream example is Covid 19. People were leading much healthier lives and were not prone to such contagious diseases in previous years. Day by day, it is getting worse. Diseases start to happen because of these climatic changes, natural disasters and leave their impact of destruction to mankind.

War Conflicts

When it continued to not having proper and clean food and water, we started to catch diseases, and now it has become a global threat. When people or even countries are not having these survival resources, they are raging and engaging in wars to have in through unjustified means, and it is creating chaos in the whole world.


This whole chain is affecting almost everything. The climatic changes have taken globally every part of the land in its capture. No one is safe from this global warming threat. It already has and still continuing to damage our ecosystem, and if we do not do something against it, soon you will see these conflicts and issues rising and providing roots to many other problems.