Rules of ecologically-friendly tourism

Tourism is one of the common alternatives to typical joys offered by the lifestyle featured with overconsumption. Indeed, when people start calculating how much money they can save on their unnecessary purchases, one of the very first things they think about is the costs of travelling. It is true that an average person chasing material joys can easily spend this money on tourism and this is one of the things many people living according the Zero Waste philosophy are practising.

Yet, on should be aware of the fact travelling can also be rather heavy for the natural environment especially because of the pollution created by transportation. That is why, it is essential to keep it as friendly to the natural environment as possible.

Take care of your garbage

This is extremely obvious and still many people do not use this simple rule and keep on throwing their trash anywhere they prefer. Of course, it is so much easier, however, if you are going anywhere to the natural sites with all of your food and other items, you will certainly manage to grab all of your garbage with you and take it back to the closest trash container.

While it is so natural to people to be surrounded by all of the plastics, it is certainly rather disruptive for animals and leaving trash on the natural sites, one is basically throwing it away in someone’s house. You definitely do not do it when you are invited to someone’s place. Why should we do it to animals and plants then?

By the way, you should be aware of the fact in some places of the world you will have to pay a really large fine for throwing your garbage away where it is not supposed to be. For example, The Mount Everest enjoying only around three hundred tourists every year is suffering from a large amount of garbage. For that reason, the Nepal government has introduced a fine equal to 4000 USD.

Be careful about the souvenirs you are buying

Although people who are really serious about ecology usually resign from buying unnecessary souvenirs, there are still many options available to people who would like to bring some gifts from a new destination that will not be harmful for the natural environment and will have some practical usability for their new owners.

What is especially crucial while choosing souvenirs is to avoid purchasing any items made of rare plants or animals. The latter is better to avoid altogether regardless of the level of extinction. Remember that ecological responsibility does not only spread on a person manufacturing such goods but also on those who are buying them.