Healthy food and Zero Waste movement

Food is the major product we are buying and hence, it is one of the most important sources of trash in the world. Unfortunately, while some particularly serious people of the Zero Waste are resigning form the products they actually need just for the sake of saving the Earth from all of the trash coming with packaging, there are many absolutely unnecessary goods heavily packaged in plastics available on the market.

This article will tell you more about so-called healthy food offered by modern manufacturers and how unhealthy it is for the natural environment.

What do we mean by healthy food?

First, let’s make clear about what exactly we are referring to speaking about healthy food in this article. This is a whole variety for goods starting with various bottled and canned healthy shots, smoothies, teas, energy drinks, through energy bars, sugar-free biscuits up to fruits and vegetables sold in rather small amounts for example, such as a package of 125 grammes of raspberries or a 30-gramme plastic bag of salads.

You have certainly come across such healthy nutrition and as a person concerned about out natural environment, you are certainly wondering where the point of buying such goods is. Let’s see together, whether these products are really worth all of that manufacturing, packaging and transportation as well as your money.

Healthy snacks

The variety of so–called healthy snacks is extremely large as well. Here you can find some expensive fruit bars made of fruit concentrates as a healthy alternative to sweets, various whole-grain products, sugar-free desserts, exceptionally nutritional granola and so on. Again, from the point of view of the Zero Waste movement, all of these products are almost always packaged into plastic materials.

Is there any sense in purchasing these goods for you?

In their case, you will be able to make your own healthy food a way easier using a variety of fresh products and mixing them in the way you want. For example, there is nothing difficult in making your own healthy biscuits that will be a way cheaper and healthier than the ones you can find on the market. Certainly, they will also be available without any unnecessary packages.

If you are still fighting with an urge to get something so healthy for you when you are in the shop even though the prices of these goods are not appealing at all, you should just think remember that healthy nutrition is as close to the forms of the products it is made of. The more alternated the form of a product is, the less nutritional value there is in such a product and all of the vitamins managed on the package are added to the from the external sources.

Expensive fruit and vegetables

By referring to the expensive fruit and vegetables, we mean the products that are indeed expensive and therefore, they are sold in rather small quantities.

It would definitely be nice if we could have the fresh berries, salads and other plant-based foods in decent quantities and only then, would we be able to actually feel their nutritional value. Otherwise, these goods will not add any sufficient nutrition to your body. They might certainly be a great additive to the taste of your dishes, but the amount in which they are sold in supermarkets is just not enough for you to see any health effects.