Conscious choices for ecotourism

As tourists, many people tend to forget about their regular principles. There is nothing new in the psychology of travelling that gives us a feeling of being unknown to everyone and thus, somehow gives us a sensation of being less responsible for many actions. At the same time, there are so many attractions which we might not necessarily support feeling some internal controversy, however, we might believe nothing bad will happen if you try these things just once in our life for the sake of a new experience.

This is an extremely dangerous approach to life and any adult should refuse from it.

Here, you will find the crucial areas in which you should be particular vigilant about the consequences of your choices if you want to travel in an ecologically-friendly manner.

Resign from some exotic foods

While you are visiting new countries, it is very easy to come across some dishes made of exotic animals, especially extinct ones. Crocodiles, sharks, whales, turtles and many more animals fall prey to people every year just for the sake of some need to experiment with food.

Of course, your visit to an exotic destination might be a single chance in your life to taste such foods. Still, you should ask yourself whether there is any practical meaning in it and what if everyone would be using such a unique chance and start eating these creatures because they feel obliged to use this unique chance?

Base your diet on the products of local farmers

Regardless of whether you are planning to prepare your meals on your own or you would like to go to restaurants during your trip, it will be good to choose the products delivered by local farmers. You certainly have seen many tourists who have to keep on eating Lays and Snickers no matter whether they are in Indonesia, Egypt, Mexico or Sweden. Getting acquainted with local cuisines will boost your travelling experience and in all likelihood, will be a healthier choice while it will be definitely better for our planet. This is especially true while you are travelling to some hot destination where you will get access to exotic fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Take care of your transportation

Needless to say, transportation is one of the major sources of pollution and it is very sad to witness people travelling around pristine natural sites by cars. Even if sometimes this is the only way to reach such places, it will be sensible to try carpooling or switch to electric vehicles. Ideally, you should go there on foot or by bicycle.

Stay in green hotels

Although not all of the regions of the world have their green hotels, you can at least prefer them whenever there is indeed such a choice.

If you have never heard about such hotels, you might not be aware of the exact practices performed by such enterprises that are making them ecologically-friendly.

Actually, there are many actions a hotel can take to become a green one.

First of all, it is definitely taking care of the water consumption through different practices and appropriate equipment. Such hotels are also minimising the usage of electricity. By the way, such hotels are also made of ecologically clean materials. Another common functions of such hotels is promoting ecologically-friendly lifestyle among their staff.

If a hotel is indeed paying great attention to its interaction with the nature, in all likelihood, it has already gained some special certificates which you will be able to check on its website. The most popular certificates of this type are Green Key, Green Hotel, LEED and Green Leaf.

If there is no opportunity to choose such a hotel, you can at least resign from staying in the hotels obviously violating principles of ecological responsibility. For example, there are hotels which serve exotic dishes made of animals on the verge of extinction. Other places organise shows with such animals. You can just resign from staying there in the first place.