Is The Plastic Waste Reversible?

It is really sad to say that the reason behind this plastic waste is a threat to us now is created by our own hands. We have plastic consumption on such a level that the time is not very far when the emission from the plastic will start affecting us on a serious note, and there will not be any time left to cope up with it. The use of plastic has become a global threat by now, and this is the time we need to stop it before it is too late.

The answer is yes; it is reversible. Following are some of the ways in which you can make plastic wastage reversible:

Single-Use Plastic

It is from where we can start. The least we can do is correcting ourselves about it and stop our single-use plastic products. It includes our polyethylene shopping bags, cleaning bags, straws, water bottles, etc. Everything that we use once and then disposes of it is mainly composed of plastic, so we can stop using them in the first place.

Proper Recycling of Plastic waste

Stopping the consumption of single-use plastic is not a one-day thing, and it will take time to take place. The other alternative step is to dispose of the ones you already have consumed or still doing so. There are stores that take plastic from you and then recycle them to stop the process of making new plastic. Right now, the recycling rate is about just 9%. Our aim should be to increase this rate and reduce the making of any new plastic.

Beach Cleaning

The ones who suffer the most from plastic is marine life. The species living underneath the water in the depths have this threat to their lives more than anyone else. We cannot clean the oceans but let’s see what we can do. We can start by cleaning the rivers and beaches around us to stand against ocean plastic pollution. If we keep our beaches and rivers clean, eventually, there will be no more dumping of plastic in the oceans.

Back the Bans

There are many organizations and communities that are actively fighting against this plastic pollution; they are trying their best to ban the use of single-use products. What we can do is stand for them and make their voice heard. Adopt their say and ways in your own communities.

Plastic Waste: Get Rid of Microbeads

What we do not know or are unable to find out is microbeads. We all use beauty products and cosmetics these days. Apart from that, we also consume body lotion and washes, toothpaste or face scrubs that ends up entering the oceans through the sewerage system. Through this cycle, microbeads are now one of the biggest threats to marine living species. What you can do is read out the ingredients of your products and cut off those having the names of polyethylene or propylene.


We are not paying much attention to this plastic waste issue because we try not to see the consequences in the short run. The chemicals that the plastic decompose are more harmful than we can think of. It is somehow reversible at this stage, but soon the time will come when it will not be possible anymore.