Does Wind Energy Have the Greatest Potential?


It is not a thing you do not have an idea about that people are using the wind in creating energy. The kinetic energy that the wind contains has the greatest potential to give the source of renewable energy. You may have seen the turbines in the scenery pictures and consider it as a symbol of aestheticism. Today, we will tell you what they really do.

People set turbines where they know they have great pressure of wind blowing. The reason is if the local wind speed is beyond the requirement, the turbines will be of no use except for giving a beautiful look to the big green plains. There is a reason why you will find these turbines mostly in mountainous regions.

Advantages of Wind Energy

Least Cost Impact

The main reason to shift our renewable energy production is to get the same amount with the least investment. It has a direct impact on the economies. Electricity is now cheaper because rates do not fluctuate that faster. The investment is 1 or 2 cents on every kilowatt-hour production. This cut down of cost is making the Governments spend more in other directions.


Wind energy is a type of solar energy as well. The wind blows as sunlight falls on our atmosphere, and then the Earth rotates, and the irregularities of the Earth’s surface cause the wind to blow. We can get wind energy as long as we are not losing the sun.

Fresh Source Of Fuel

Wind is a better option than the burning of fossil fuels. It does not have the smoke generation to pollute the air. It does not create oxides of Nitrogen and Sulphur to cause global warming and air pollution. Through turbines, there is no acid rain, and greenhouse gases will decrease to a much better level.

Does wind energy have the greatest potential?

If we think of what energy resource is the best in making renewable energy and supplying electricity, we can consider many different options. Hydro energy is one of those options. It leaves less harmful effects on the environment. We have oceans of water, and every country can start it through dams. Currently, Brazil is creating more than 80 percent of its electricity and other resources from water.

Most people stand with solar energy to be the upcoming dominating resource of creating energy. The main reason is that it does not contain any major climatic advantage because sunlight reaches the same in almost every country. Solar and Wind are the ones that are natural and contains the least impact on the economy as well as on our environment. If you have a latitude of 45 or above, the wind is your option; otherwise, you can opt for solar as well.


In recent years, wind energy production has beat the hydro generation, and this has happened for the first time. A moment of thought is that wind energy is really helpful and has the greatest potential to create its own electricity. The only thing is that it depends upon how many high cliffs does a country has. Turbines give the full outcome when they are installed at some elevated position.