The Zero Waste ideas which everyone can use

If you visit a specialised shop with eco-friendly goods, you might find plenty rather expensive items which are not necessarily motivating people for switching to the Zero Waste lifestyle. This is very unfortunate since being eco-friendly does not actually require any large investment and in fact, many solutions will prove to be friendly for your budget in the future as well.

Purchasing toothbrushes and hair combs made of wood

While hair combs are not especially prone to damages so you can invest in them once in a while or even just one time, toothbrushes have to be changed on a regular basis. If you listen to the majority of dentists, you will hear this has to be done every two months.

Unfortunately, toothbrushes are generally not recyclable while an average person uses tens of them.

If you check prices for wooden toothbrushes offered by large top brands, you might find them rather expensive. Yet, such products do not have to be pricey and you can find plenty of them offered for very moderate prices. That is why, if you are new to the principles of Zero Waste living, you do not have to be discouraged from using its solutions by coming across expensive products for personal hygiene available in land-based shops. You can easily find a way more affordable options online.

Note that the majority of wooden toothbrushes have the brushes themselves made of artificial materials, however, there are also options with natural materials.

Some people are not particularly willing to switch to wooden toothbrushes being concerned about the humidity which can cause spread of fungi and other microorganisms around the toothbrushes. Certainly, no one wants to have anything such happen to the brush which is supposed to be taken into the mouth.

In the reality, it does not happen though. The majority of biodegradable toothbrushes are made of bamboo which has natural antibacterial properties so it will not allow any bacteria proliferate on its surface.

Use cotton buds made of paper

Fortunately, more and more manufacturers are offering customers cotton buds which are based on paper rather than plastic. You can look at the variety of such goods in any shop and you will certainly find such buds for an affordable price.

If you decide to switch to such buds, you should still be aware of the fact they should not be thrown into the toilet even though it might seem safe. Cotton will not be treated by the water in the way paper is. For the same reason it is not allowed to throw pads into the toilet as well.

By the way, you should also know reusable cotton pads are now available on the market. When it comes to making such a swap, this can be a more individual issue. Reusable cotton pads seem to be great, however, many people, especially the ones suffering from acne or other skin issues might wish to have a guarantee of using an absolutely clean product any time they are applying any cosmetics on their skin with the help of such pads. When it comes to reusable pads, something like this is possible only if one washes them in a really hot water. This is itself not ecologically friendly.

You should also pay your attention to the fact some manufacturers are now adding artificial fibre to their cotton pads. Usually, such goods contain up to 30% of polyethylene fibre which means they are not biodegradable anymore. As you can imagine such pads are not a good choice if one is really interested in decreasing the amount of garbage produced by people. That is why you should be particularly careful about shopping as sometimes the goods with absolutely obvious content are now made of different ingredients that you do not expect to be there.

Switching to reusable options for hygiene

One of the greatest sources of garbage comes from disposable products designed for hygiene, even though they are usually very convenient and certainly make our lives easier. Whether they are menstrual pads, diapers or just any cosmetics kept in plastic packages, you will certainly be able to find alternatives made of more ecologically-friendly materials.

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  1. I am convinced that it is not ecological to use wet wipes. They take longer to decompose

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