Reduce food wastage with proper storage planning

You are certainly aware of a gigantic amount of food being wasted everyday around the world. Even if you are very careful about products you are storing at home, it is still possible it happens to you as well to throw away some food from time to time.

This is certainly rather annoying and makes no sense, since we are spending so much time on our work and getting rid of food is equal to destroying our money. One of the ways to address this problem is to plan a better storage at your kitchen and this article will provide you with useful suggestions how you can do it.

Have enough space for your product

Certainly, in order to be able to store your food properly, you should have enough space for all of the products you are buying, however, in many situations, it is rather difficult to understand what are the real storage capacities of your kitchen. This is very natural since nutritional products are coming in absolutely different forms and packages and it is not an easy task to create a proper repository of each of them in the way which will allow you to see all of your storage clearly. Still, there are some suggestions which can make this task easier for you.

The very first thing you should apply to your storage is an appropriate sorting strategy for your products. A good approach will be putting products of different categories on different shelves in such a way as the ones with the most distant expiration dates will be kept further from you and the ones which should be consumed in the nearest future and especially opened packages, should be kept within an easy reach.

The same rule will be useful for storing food in the fridge, yet, for this repository, you might be willing to create a separate shelf with the products of the shortest expiration time. This will be the shelf of the food which has to be consumed as soon as possible and here you should keep not only opened packages of cheese, sausages and other processed food, but also leafy vegetables, for instance salads which have to be consumed quickly after purchase.

Finally, it is highly recommended to be careful about the storing conditions suggested by the manufacturer. Even though not maintaining such conditions does not always mean your food will be necessarily spoiled, yet, in many situations, you will be able to save it and prolong its lifetime.

Make the most out of your freezer

The majority of people are using the freezers exclusively for storing meat and fish and various goods which are already sold frozen. Actually, there is a variety of other goods you can successfully store in your freezer.

For example, many goods sold in large packages such as an XXL pack of cheese might be a great bargain, however, you might be refraining for purchasing it since you area ware of the fact you will be able to eat only a half of it within its expiration period. Yet, you can easily hide a half of such a package in the freezer and consume it later.

The same goes for various vegetables and fruits. In addition to it, there are certain situations when we accidentally cook more food than was needed. In such cases, freezer will be very useful for keeping the food fresh for later.

Note, that a freezer is also a great place to store fresh bread.

What is crucial about storing food in the freezer is applying the rule of moving there the products which are still fresh. It should not happen in the way of your food starting to get spoilt when you realise it and quickly hide it into the freezer. In such a situation, you will just fill the storage space with garbage which you are unlikely and definitely should not eat.