The EcoSystem needs to be preserved

Ecosystem conservation, preservation of natural resources – Ecosystem and Biodiversity, measures to stop the destruction of the ecosystem. The ecosystem needs to be preserved!

The word ‘’ecosystem’’ stands for an ecological system that consists of all plants, animal resources, and many other things. All these things are related to each other and depend on each other for existence. The ecosystem can be large and small depending upon various factors. It can be small such as a fish pond, or large such as an Arctic tundra.

The EcoSystem needs to be preserved

All human beings and other species connected to each other and rely on each other for food and other things such as habitat. There is a balance between natural cycles, which is crucial to keep maintained. Like any other species depending on each other, humans also depend on other species for food and resources. Therefore, a balance needed to maintain in order to keep the natural order running. The resources required to use at a proper time according to needs which is unfortunately not happening.

According to the USA millennium ecological systems’ assessment, around 60% of resources used faster than they should be, resulting in disruption of the natural order. We humans entirely depend on our ecosystem. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, everything comes from nature. That is why there is a dire need to restore those resources and to keep the natural balance in order. For this, conservation of the ecosystem required by taking responsible measures.

What responsible measures to take?

We can take the following steps in order to conserve our ecosystem from further damage. Such as, to prevent erosion and other soil diseases, we should adopt a diverse cropping system and replace single cultivation of crops within the specific area of land with multiple cultivations. Avoiding excessive deforestation with plantations and conserving natural water resources for the growth and development of green areas.

Adopt recycling of plastic and other recyclable products. Consume minimal packaged, recyclable, and less disposable products. Try to use sustainably grown goods and plant native species so that they could also provide habitat and food to other species. Even if one lives in an urban area, he can still contribute to the conservation of natural resources, such as by minimizing water usage or stopping food wastage. Swapping toys, books, and other goods rather than buying new ones, use less electricity, turn off excessive devices when not in use, use of public transport instead of individual vehicles. Try to preserve and not destroy the natural habitats of animals. Reducing the ecological footprint can be a big step toward the conservation of our ecosystem.


The ecosystem needs to be preserved! It is very important for humans to connect with natural elements and nature and work for its preservation as it is beneficial for human’s own well-being. Act upon following measures in order to preserve our ecological systems and their natural resources. Try to mold your living for the betterment of nature and natural resources. Our ecosystem needs this.