Are we Losing Winters because of Climate Change?

Earth Day, Climate Protection Movements, and many other projects are undergoing in all parts of the world. They are supposed to spread awareness among the masses regarding climate change. However, are these efforts enough or fruitful while you are reading this article. If you are an optimistic person, you might say yes. Climate changes are affecting earth!

People are making efforts, and we will see the results in a few years. You will agree that unless we reach the common people level in all societies regarding the efforts against climate awareness all the speeches are mere words.

Climate changes have many effects on different aspects of our life especially winters which are becoming shorter and warmer compared to some decades ago. Come let us try to focus on some reasons and actions to tackle this global issue.

Reasons behind short Winters and their effects

Global warming plays a significant role in the reason for short winters. Snowpacks melting earlier than expected with the lessening of snowpacks is just one result of this. Moreover, due to this very reason, streamflow has significantly decreased. Thus, farming is greatly affected. Besides this, the chance of wildfires forming has risen massively due to the lack of humidity.

In agriculture, various pests and bugs have started to reproduce earlier before their appointed time. They may also increase in number. Thus, this will lead to adverse effects for both the agriculture industry and people.

Besides this, due to the hotter overall air temperatures, more rain is occurring compared to snow. This will affect winter sports and will not bring more bang for the buck for the tourism industry. Furthermore, entertainment in watching and playing these sports will also be diminished resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs.

We as citizens of this earth should take some measurable actions to protect our winters from global warming.

Actions to take to address the climate change regarding shorter winters.

After reading all that a question probably pops into your mind as to what are we supposed to do? To answer this, we must single out the key component which is causing all this ruckus and that is indeed climate change.

Climate change is a word we are all aware of and we all know what it is. However, we also must know how to stop it. Well even if everyone knows what it is, we still must remind people of it and the best way to do that is to tell your family and friends repeatedly to make a change. They can make a change by using environmentally friendly resources such as solar panels or other renewable energies. Public transport can reduce the amount of emission of carbon dioxide.


Many researchers are now counting below freezing days of winter to analyze data each year. Weather reporters and analysts have also warned us of how dangerous this can be for society. Various industries will be affected such as the agriculture, tourism, and entertainment industries to name a few.

Moreover, the rich are not concerned enough about this, yet they contribute the most to global warming which is leading to shorter winters. Thus, we must shed light on this topic and help make reworks to the best of our ability!