Planting Trees Helpful for Preserving Environment


Take a moment and go outside your house. You will definitely see some trees near walking distance. If not, then you should think about moving out because that place is either a desert or a poor to live in. Planting Trees are the most important in providing us the environment to live in. Our health and good care are clearly visible by the circumstances in which we are living. There will be no survival without trees in this world.

There are a great number of trees in our surroundings. Form pine to willow and oak to ash. Here are some of those highlighting points why we need trees to endure:


We all know very well that trees give us oxygen, and we inhale it every moment. What most people do not know is how much trees are contributing to our society. The major issue and hot topic of the day is global warming. We are consuming up fuels to run our industries and automobiles, but we do not think about what we already have done to our environment. We need trees to cope up with that.

Besides that, it helps to prevent soil erosion and landscaping, keep natural disasters at bay and keep the whole life cycle in regulation. It also reduces the moisture and starts blowing cool wind.

Existence Of Animals

Trees are the sign of forests, and therefore we can consider the wildlife. Trees combine to create jungles, and it creates an opportunity for the animals to live in there and provide them a shelter. Apart from being just the shelter, it also gives fruits and vegetables to the herbivores and other animals as the source of food for carnivores as well. As we have lost jungles and trees, many species have started to go extinct.

Help In Diminishing Ozone Pollution

You can get a chance to see trees in a greater number in the rural areas, but for the urban areas, you will see almost no trees. That is the reason why we have so many issues, including pollution and the ozone layer in urban locations. We need to plant trees to cope up with decreasing the peak of ozone and diminishing pollution or at least create a balance.


Apart from having healthy air to breathe, there are many other benefits that play an important role in our health. It gives us medication aid and helps us to fight against various diseases. It also impacts our mental health as well. People surrounded by trees are not that stressed and depressed.

Water Preservation

Another surprising thing to you is that you can save water by planting trees. The first question that comes to mind is they consume water; how come we can save it at the same time? It is because of the shade trees bring. It results in low vegetation and saving of water.


It is a clear fact that trees are essential if we want to make living things exist on this planet. Humans, animals, other plants, we all are depending on them, so it is time we think about starting to grow plants around ourselves.