Difference Between Ecology and Environment?

There is little difference in the meaning of these two words. Many people do not know the difference, and they think of both as the same thing, which is not. Here you can find out the difference thoroughly between Ecology and Environment.

First of all, in order to explain it well, let’s discuss the meanings and definitions:


The environment is basically the surroundings in which we live. Everything we can or cannot see around us is all included in our environment. It includes all the living species, and all of the physical components, as well as biological bodies, are added to our environment. For instance, sunlight, animals, water, plants, and the list continue to go on.

Any change in your environment can affect your whole life. It refers to all those special terms and conditions that directly or indirectly influence our progress, development, and bolstering of life. The environment is known as healthy when it is near to moderation. Extreme conditions are harmful to us and can cause the removal of our lives from this world.


On the other hand, ecology is not a natural substance. It is a name given by Reiter in 1865, and then in 1869, Ernst Hackel briefly described this word. Today, it is a study of the environment’s relationship with living species. Population, organisms, biosphere, and ecosystem are the basic and elementary components. All of these things have close interaction and similarities with each other, and it all includes a cycle-like process. It affects by the reserves such as water, sunlight, heat, etc.

We live in this world, and everything we do here reflects on our environment. Or implied changes implement on the environment and any natural change in our surroundings can turn our whole lives upside down. All of the related studies come in the circle of ecology.

Ecology and Environment

  • The environment is taking on a greater horizon that includes all the elements existing on this earth, whereas Ecology is a bit precise from it, and it contains the knowledge about how different species and organisms collaborate with each other. Ecology has a condition that the population is specific in it and does not mean to the population of our environment.
  • Factors affecting the environment are sunlight, heat, temperature, air, nutrients, whereas ecology discusses the ecosystems and the survival with cooperation with each other.
  • The environment taken as a whole. It could be either very large or really small, but in ecology, they have divided it into smaller ecosystems.
  • These are the major ecologies as population ecology, biosphere ecology, organismal ecology, community ecology, etc. We humans put our share in creating a great impact on all of these ecologies, and it ends up changing our whole environment.
  • The dealings of ecology are in the distribution of species, size of population, diversity, and comparison. In the environment, there is our pollution and global warming, lacking forests and similar bigger issues.


In the end, the Ecology and Environment is our most important component, which relies on the health of living things. A good environment has the aim to provide us shelter, food, fresh air to breathe, and clean water to drink. But environment as a whole can be daunting to understand and handle. Therefore, we talk about ecosystems and discuss the preservation of energy through the appropriate distribution of resources. Through ecology, we aim to secure our environment.