Confusion surrounding healthy and ecologically-friendly diets

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware of their diets not only when it comes to their quality and health effects but also their impact on the natural environment. Actually, combining the two approaches of having a healthy diet and minimising the negative influence on our planet is a real challenge for anyone who is not living in the rural conditions.

Is it possible to have a healthy and ecologically-friendly diet at the same time?

Switching to an ecologically-friendly diet compromising one’s own health is a rather bad idea no matter how much we do love our planet. At the same time basing our dietary choices exclusively on the healthiness of a certain product is not a good approach either. There are many alternatives we can choose from and not harm the natural environment to the regular extent. All it takes from us is some consciousness while making our choices of food.

Yet, when we are about to make our decision, it is often happens we actually do not know what to choose. It is indeed not so easy not only because of a large assortment of products available on the market, but also because of a lot of controversial opinions on the topics of what is healthy and what is green. Furthermore, one of the most confusing parts of choosing an optimal approach towards a diet is the fact many fashionable diets proclaiming absolutely different nutritional patterns are also promising their adepts to be the most ecologically-friendly options.

This point requires certain explanations in order to make it easier for you to make the best decisions about your food.

First of all, let’s look at the common confusion related to the diets trendy today. If you carefully read the promises of the people promoting them you will see each of them is supposed to be the most ecologically-friendly and true. It is a common promise of any passionate nutritionist and dietitian to say their diet is what has been used by people since the dawn of humanity.

Which diet is the healthiest?

Now, let’s think about the healthy aspects of a vegan diet.

Just like it is in the case of any other trendy dietary approach today, you will find so much information about the unique healthiness in the case of a vegan diet. It is also quite common to claim this was the diet of our ancestors.

It might sound sensible, however, if you read about any other diet whether it is paleo or keto, we will find the same description. Obviously, this looks suspicious.

Unfortunately, the fight between dietitians promoting their favourite diets will never end and in the recent years the battle has become even more fierce. It might appear that the modern research tools should shed some light on the truth, yet, this is absolutely impossible. You will easily find experiments proving that each of the modern diets is the heathiest.

In such a confusing situation, you might be willing to look at the dietary approach from another side. Learn more about your own body, about what makes it feel good and what does not. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are many people with intolerance of milk and health conditions making it difficult for to digest meat. At the same time, if the one is suffering from any form of diabetes, it might be rather difficult for him or her to avoid high carbohydrate consumption while leading a vegan diet. In fact, this can be even dangerous.